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Be seen in the search results and increase traffic to your online store with our SEO services. The most cost-effective and long lasting way to get visitors is search engine optimization

What is SEO and
why do you need it?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of improving the quantity and quality of traffic to your website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in organic search engine results. A successful search engine optimization campaign produces solid, quantifiable results that help grow your online visibility, bring direct traffic to your website, and increase your sales.

In addition to strengthening your brand's credibility, SEO is the best way to connect with targeted consumers and secure a high rate of visitors-to-sales conversion. It's a long term strategy, but one that delivers an ongoing ROI, too. SEO isn't an expense; it's a cost-effective investment — one that can bring thousands to millions of targeted consumers to your website every day.

Industry-leading professional SEO services

SEO is the most cost-effective way to earn a long-term increase in website visitors and brand recognition, with the highest ROI of any marketing tactic. Get a high ranking in search results with our powerful SEO services.

  • increase-traffic

    Increase Your Traffic Quality

    Quantity is good, but quality is better. Higher-quality traffic represents visitors more likely to be interested in what your business has to offer, meaning a much higher conversion potential. Code9 Studios focuses on earning targeted traffic for your website rather than just pulling in the numbers.

    • In-depth keyword research for your niche
    • Google Analytics for data-driven targeting and campaigns
    • Personalized SEO strategy built for your business
  • built-brand

    Build Your own Brand

    Brand recognition is crucial for success in the eCommerce world, and we're ready to help your business make its mark. Higher visibility for your website means increased brand awareness among your target audience, which accelerates your branding campaign and helps to establish you as a leader in your industry.

    • Improved rankings to build customer awareness of your brand
    • Build authority in your niche with well-targeted, high-value content
    • Increased traffic brings more customers and attracts more with social proof
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    Earn More Conversions

    Search engines prioritize useful websites, and customers rarely continue beyond the first page of results. This means the higher your website ranks, the more conversions you'll get, and our goal at Code9 Studios is to bring you to the top of the page for searches within your targeted niche.

    • Get more views by interested customers ready to convert
    • Competitive analysis helps you rank higher than other brands
    • Website optimization for human visitors and search engines alike

How our SEO services work

SEO is a multifaceted process, and building a complete SEO strategy involves different types of work both on and off your website. At Code9 Studios, we offer a selection of competitive SEO services that target different areas of your SEO strategy for improvement. A fully-optimized website implements current SEO standards directly into its infrastructure, contains useful, keyword-rich content, and interacts with other websites in a mutually beneficial manner. Our SEO services meet each of these needs.

  • Technical SEO
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    Technical SEO

    We build the foundation of your website

    Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your website's code and page infrastructure to meet the ideal standards established by Google. This is a crucial step for any website seeking to improve its SEO and rankings, as it directly affects how efficiently and accurately your website is crawled, indexed, and understood by search engines. Our Technical SEO service improves your website's readability to search engines and eliminates problems that could be harming your rankings.

    • Monthly SEO Score calculation based on 3dcart Ecommerce SEO Standards.
    • Access to our SEO experts via Phone and Ticket System.
    • Google Universal Analytics implementation and monthly monitoring.
    • 10 Broken Links Clean-up per month with 301 redirects
    • Bing Webmaster Tools Installation.
    • Google Knowledge Graph Installation
    • Sitemap Review and Submission
    • Social Media Linking.
    • 5 Top Level URL On-Page Optimization per month
    • Google Mobile-Friendly Audit.
    • Page Title tags and other page meta tags
    • Google Page Speed One-Time Audit.
    • URL Custom File Names.
    • Rich Snippets Schema.org Evaluation.
    • Canonical URLs
    • Monthly SEO Report
    • Ecommerce SEO Settings Audit: including robots.txt, www redirect, DNS configuration and canonical URLs.
    • Access to a dedicated SEO Account Manage
    • Monthly report for Organic Traffic from Google.
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Our clients' results speak for themselves

We at Code9 Studios are confident in our SEO expertise and we stand ready to back it up with results from our clients. You, too, can expect increased traffic, more conversions, and overall higher growth by boosting your SEO with our services.

Corvette Mods
With 3dcart, we no longer had to pay transaction fees—a big part of why we outgrew ProStores, for a small business like mine, 3dcart has reasonably priced bandwidth packages with no restraints.
thomas distributing
[Our] site is running better and has better organic search results, is optimized for mobile devices, and best of all, I have someone who can field questions about SEO matters – she is proactive and really helps me with fast, helpful answers.

The dangers of cutting corners

How bad SEO can cost your business its rankings

Bad SEO incorporates practices that are unethical, outdated, or outside the boundaries of Google webmaster guidelines. Regardless of whether your website uses bad SEO maliciously or due to simple mistakes, the effect is the same: your business will fall in rankings and may even be blacklisted by Google. That's why it's important to hire experts who understand that current SEO methods are not only the only effective ones, but the only safe ones. SEO is a constantly-changing landscape, so your tactics need to keep up.

Google's stated purpose for their search engine results is to always bring the most useful and relevant content to the top. In previous years, it was possible for websites to game the search engine results in several ways, and gain a high rank despite being of poor quality. The SEO standards Google has implemented today are meant to prevent such poor-quality pages from being able to use the same tricks — which is why any attempt by your website to use those outdated or dishonest tactics will be seen as a red flag.

Google severely punishes websites that garner rankings through manipulative "black hat" techniques such as keyword stuffing, mass link-building, duplicate content, buying links, and other shady practices. This includes many methods that used to work and are still falsely presented by unethical SEO "experts" as being effective and safe. Websites that rely on bad SEO put their businesses at risk for heavy penalties such as lower rankings and deindexing.

Code9 Studios is your dedicated team of passionate,
knowledgeable, and experienced SEO experts

Your website needs a solid SEO strategy to succeed, and there's no better, safer solution than Code9 Studios. To deliver our clients the best results possible, we’re constantly pushing ourselves to become better marketers by staying up to date with industry best practices and methodology. We work within search engine guidelines to deliver measurable, proven results. This means your business will never be put at risk by unethical SEO tactics like those used by some of our competitors.

Every business can benefit from more website traffic, and reliable, consistent, transparent SEO is how you get it. We're ready to handle the work for you so you can focus on your own passion: running your business.