Code9 Studios process adapts, evolves and responds to your needs

We will work with you every step of the way to optimize your
site and perfectly tailor it to your products and target

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Kickoff call with project manager

Your website's design will be overseen by a dedicated product manager who will communicate closely with you in order to achieve complete satisfaction with your site's design and functionality.


Fill outt design questionnaire

Your project manager will review with you a detailed questionnaire to help us collect all the information we need to build your site to reflect your brand. We will discuss your answers so as to learn about your business and site content, allowing us to form a complete picture of your business and what is needed to create a unique design that accurately represents your company identity.


Planning and wireframe selection

Your project manager will present you with a selection of wireframes (website blueprints) to start from. These wireframes will be professionally designed to showcase your company and promote your products, with these three elements carefully considered in order to create a strong backbone for your site: Information, navigation and interface.


One-hour consultation with designer

You will be able to speak directly with your designer and offer your expert insight on your business. The designer will devote close attention to these details and use your knowledge to inform their design decisions, ensuring that your company and products are represented to your satisfaction.


Design composition and revision

As the business owner, you know your products better than anyone! We value your input and will communicate every step of the way to ensure that our design truly reflects your vision. As progress is made on your layout and design, your site's development will continue to become more polished. We will keep closely in touch so as to stay on top of any necessary revisions. At Code9 Studios, we are as passionate about your success as you are, and will work with you to see it happen.


Testing and launch

Once the design is finalized, your website will be thoroughly tested for consistency and errors. We'll go over everything; any problems that emerge will be addressed, and then your site will be cleared for launch! Your site will go live online and you will begin to reap the rewards of your fully optimized website from the experts at Code9 Studios.