BigCommerce Migration Services

Take the pain out of migrating your online store

What Do We Do?

Your eCommerce platform should help your business, not get in the way of your online store’s success. If you’re currently a BigCommerce merchant, and would like to migrate your store to a different eCommerce platform, then you’ve come to the right place. Our Code9 development team, through BigCommerce Migration Services, will help you to migrate your business effortlessly to a platform that better suits your eCommerce needs.

What Can We Transfer?

  • general info

    Products’ General Information

    Including names, base prices, descriptions, SKUs, meta tags and data, and product options (depending on the setup).

  • Product Images


    Including all product images, such as the main product image and images for product options (sizes, colors, etc.)

  • Categories


    Includes category names, sub-category names, and data for the associated products under each category.

  • Customer Information


    Includes customer’s first names, last names, addresses, phone numbers, and emails (when available).

How Do We Do It?

Gain Initial Access

Gain Initial Access

Before we begin migrating your store, our experts need to gain access to your current store’s control panel, FTP or product information in a CSV file or similar format, and your BigCommerce login.

data migration

Product Data Migration

You won’t have to worry about re-entering your store’s product data manually with our BigCommerce Migration Services. Our developers will use the exported file from your original BigCommerce store to format and import your product data and categories into your new store.

Migrating Customer Data

Customer Data Migration

You’ve spent a long time gathering crucial customer data while you’ve had your store, so there’s no reason to lose all of that when migrating out of BigCommerce. Our developers will use your original store’s CSV file to import your customer data into your new online store.

Closing Review

Closing Review

After the data migration process is complete, our developers will do a last review of your new online store to ensure that everything from your original BigCommerce store has properly transferred. This is the point where our experts will address any possible formatting issues and put together a closing report of what they’ve moved and whether the new site is ready for launch.


Why Migrate from BigCommerce?

  • Fees and Penalties

    BigCommerce is the opposite of forgiving when it comes to charging their merchants fees and penalties. On top of the large monthly fees that you’re charged, you’re also penalized for going over a specified revenue limit based on online sales per year that’s restricted to certain plans. Effectively, BigCommerce is punishing merchants for being successful unless you pay more.

  • Basic Feature Restrictions

    When you use BigCommerce for your online store, you’ll be restricted from accessing a wide variety of basic features that are only available on their higher-tiered plans, including customer groups, cart abandonment tools, and unlimited API calls. Additionally, as a BigCommerce merchant, you won’t have FTP access, support for dropshipping, wait lists, back orders, or email either.

  • Limited Theme Selection

    For your online store, BigCommerce only offers 10 free themes. But, many of these themes look exactly the same as others, with the only difference being a slightly altered color palette. Also, the free themes that they do offer are extremely limited in terms of unique design, looking very basic without the extra work of customization.

why migrate

Who Do We Recommend?

Choosing to migrate from one eCommerce platform to another is a huge decision to make for your business, so it’s obviously understandable that you want to make the right choice in which platform you’re making your store’s new home.

The top recommendation for an eCommerce platform to migrate to, from Code9 Studies, is 3dcart. In Merchant Maverick’s review of 3dcart, they felt that it’s “best suited to merchants who’d like to take advantage of a set of robust and flexible ecommerce features.” If you’re frustrated with the limitations and restrictions that you experienced with BigCommerce, then here’s our top reasons why we recommend 3dcart as your migration destination:

Rich with Features

Rich with Features

The main reason why 3dcart is at the top of our list, and many others, is because they provide an unparalleled amount of built-in and add-on features for your online store. 3dcart offers over 1,000 shopping cart features, including front-end features like a built-in blog, an abandoned cart saver, and over 160 payment processors, as well as back-end features like dropshipping, wait lists, back orders, and emails.

Straightforward Flexible Pricing

Straightforward Flexible Pricing

3dcart never gives merchants transaction fees, additional fees, or hidden fees; all of their pricing is straightforward and adjustable to fit your store. With their cheapest monthly plan starting at $19.99 per month, any of their flexible payment plans with plenty of bandwidth and storage, as well as access to an in-house team of developers and web designers.

Dependable Service

Dependable Service

With over 12 years of experience in providing top-of-the-line eCommerce solutions, 3dcart guarantees 99.9% uptime for all merchants, and unlimited free technical support should any problems come up.

Fully Customizable

Fully Customizable

With over 100 professionally designed themes that are not only unique from each other, but are also responsive, 3dcart gives you a lot more design options than BigCommerce. On top of that, more than half of 3dcart’s themes are free, which is a huge step up as well. You also have complete freedom to customize your store’s layout, and can get custom programming to adapt the 3dcart system to your business.

Transition Effortlessly

Transition Effortlessly

Migration from BigCommerce to 3dcart is easy because their platform has all of the necessary features that you need to transition seamlessly. With full FTP access, built-in SEO tools, API and import/export tools, you’ll have an easy data migration path from any eCommerce platform; including BigCommerce.